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Adult Swim’s TV shows go beyond mere juvenile antics or shock humor. Here, nothing is off-limits. We’ll show the world just how serious we are about absurdity — by holding a lobster for ransom.

AD: Reyden Weis
CW: Kateri David

Case Study Video

The Dawn of Landis 

To solidify [adult swim]’s standing as the most far-out place on television, we’re is turning back to their birth-station: Cartoon Network. 
At the start of the new programming season, Cartoon Network will introduce the world to Landis, a live lobster who will serve as the station’s mascot. They’ll offer no explanation for this choice.

The Heist (TV 60s)

Everything will seem normal at first -- perhaps too normal for an arthopod  on a meteoric ride to stardom.
However, just two weeks in, the following spot will air at 8 p.m., interrupting Cartoon Network’s transition into its nighttime programming segment:

The Reveal (TV 60s)

One week of radio silence passes. No one knows where Landis is, or if he’s still among the living. But all worries will be put to bed when [adult swim] inturrepts their primetime broadcast with this special announcement: 

From the Desk of Landis

We’ll graciously allow Landis access to Twitter, where he’ll interact with the masses demanding his release or cheering on his demise.

The Grand Finale:

The Final Act

We’re following through on our ransom demands.

To cap off Landis’ one-week stint in captivity, we’re hosting Landis Fest, where we’ll reveal the results of our stunt. If our ratings don’t increase, Landis will be boiled alive onstage and a hearty lobster dinner (Landis included) will be served to all in attendance.

If our ratings do improve, Landis will be set free, as promised. But hundreds of lobsters will be boiled in his place. Either way, we’re eating good tonight.