Dairy Dies with Us 

A milk alternative as impeccably crafted as Oatly begs an important question: why were we drinking this dairy stuff to begin with? 

CW: Kateri David 
AD: Quyen Ngo

Print & OOH

Anthem Spot (TV :60s)

Fun fact: My partner Quyen and I shot a rough cut of this commercial using a professional actor and one of our friends in an empty Whole Foods. We later found a child actor to play the boy, but by that point a little-known virus began making waves. Regardless, check out what our commercial could have looked like!

Pr(oat)test Merch

Show you’re part of the resistance, or at least a tad milk-skeptical.

Non-Milk Bar

Partnering with regional roasting giant Stumptown, Oatly will acclimate people to the new normal with an unusual pricing system.