Pictured left to right: Kateri David and Dateri Kavid

I’m a big crier. It’s a consequence of caring, like, a lot.

If I find a meme that breaks me with laughter, I'll send it en-masse to my friends. When I fall deeply in love with a film or show, I'll spend hours scouring the internet for fan-theories and actor interviews. My copy of Jane Eyre is dog-eared and tattooed with personal notes from front to back. I believe in crying along to Sufjan Stevens, enjoying campy films, that oat milk tastes better than dairy (yes, really).

Now, what I'm staunchly against is clichéd dialogue and refusing to poke fun at your own flaws.

You've probably guessed one of mine by now: I'm longwinded. Every essay I've ever written exceeded the word limit by a mile. I can't seem to help myself: there's always so much to say, and I'm more than willing to share.

For instance, I once ran into a bustling two-lane highway to catch my dog when he broke off his leash. And I would do it again in an instant. When I love something, I pour myself into it completely. I chase it down, be it brand copy or a beloved pet. Obviously, this trait hasn't always worked in my favor — I still spend hours laboring over a single paragraph that's going nowhere — but, hey, at least my dog lived.

If you need me to wildly chase down any ideas for you, here’s where to reach me: 

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