/Side Quests

The Daily Texan 

/Click to read all articles from my stint as an opinion editor
/Read about UT’s forgotten Native student association
/Watch both a horrible hair day and my stab at video production


Academic Writing

/Smash that mf touchpad to skim the essay that paid for my tuition in 2018

Published Essays

/How Will Toldeo writes on depression with unrivaled clarity
/A piece on up-and-coming, genre-bending rockstar Bartees Strange
/On Native American Blood Quantum Laws
/How music shaped the aesthetic of 2010s Tumblr


/The immensely embarassing poem teenage-me wrote and Adroit Journal published, for some reason

Bonus Ad!

To this day, I maintain that “Plants Gone Animal“ is the single greatest artistic contribution I’ve made. 


When I see something beautiful, I want to keep it with me forever. Here is a collection of photos I took on my treasured Canon A-1.